Site Disclaimer and User Policy

Registrant Buyers of the Internet Collector's Bazaar (ICB) may post ads for antiques and collectibles they wish to purchase, as well as contact those who have placed For Sale ads for items listed on the Trader Boards.

Registrant Sellers of the Internet Collector's Bazaar (ICB) may post ads for antiques and collectibles currently in Seller's inventory, as well as contact those who have placed Wanted to Buy ads for items currently in Seller's inventory.

Sellers should only contact a Wanted to Buy ad poster if the specific item(s) requested are in the Seller's inventory. For example, if a poster is looking for "Hull Pottery" you may contact that poster if you have any Hull Pottery in your inventory. But if the poster is searching for "Hull Pottery in the Woodland pattern" you should contact the ad poster only if you have Hull Pottery in the Woodland pattern, even if you have other Hull Pottery in your inventory.

Sellers who contact WTB ad posters despite not having the requested items in inventory will be considered spam and may be barred from the ICB. You may search for items that ad posters request, but should not contact the ad poster until you have located the specified item. Sellers who currently have items on eBay Auction may refer WTB ad posters to such auctions, but only if items you have currently on auction match what the WTB ad poster is wishing to purchase.

If you post a For Sale ad, you must accurately describe the condition of the item, and the item must not be a reproduction, unless your ad clearly states that it is.

You agree that the Internet Collector's Bazaar is a classified advertising service and is merely a venue allowing sellers and buyers to meet. As such, the ICB is not involved and is not responsible for transactions between users of this service. Although buyers and sellers should try to resolve disputes to the satisfaction of all parties, it is not the responsibility of this site to resolve or settle such disputes. You agree to hold the Internet Collector's Bazaar harmless against any financial losses that may arise, including as a result of technical problem with this site, loss of data, deletion of ads for any reason, or resulting from transactions with other users of this site.

Your Registration in the ICB can be terminated by either party for any reason, without cost or liabilty to either party, and all content provided by the Registrant will be deleted in such a case.

If you operate a website devoted to antiques and collectibles, you must place a link back to the Internet Collector's Bazaar from your site.

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